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We all need reminders sometimes when trying to build trauma-sensitive environments for children and families. 

Here you'll find FREE downloadable posters with relationship-building reminders. Download, print, share!

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Connection Before Correction

Sometimes we need to remember to focus on connecting with the child where they are instead of jumping to correction of a behavior. It's a simple reminder, but helps us remember to think about the relationship first. 

Connection Before Correction Image.png

Name it to Tame it​

Helping children identify and name their feelings, helps them begin to understand them. When they begin to understand what's happening in their bodies when they feel different things, they can begin to practice taming their feelings too. 

Take a Breath

Sometimes a deep breath can make all the difference. And we can use phrases like "Let's smell and cool the soup!" to help kids remember the practice of breathing deep too!

Name it to Tame it Poster.png

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