For use as an individual learning tool, this download includes videos and handouts to enhance your understanding of trauma and how to address challenging behaviors like acting out, shutting down, and defiance in young children.


What's inside:

  • 5 Videos - One video on How to Use this Toolkit, one video on Harry Potter and the Ordinary Magic of Resilience, and three role play videos on handling challenging behaviors of Acting Out, Shutting Down, and Defiance. 

  • A 10 page PDF covering the basics on trauma and resilience, and practical strategies for working with children's challenging behaviors of Acting Out, Shutting Down, and Defiance.

Resilience Toolkit - Individual

  • The non-jargon version: 

    • When you purchase, you agree to not share, make copies, edit, alter, sell or otherwise distribute the Resilience Toolkit. 
    • We own the copyright to the Resilience Toolkit. 
    • You will be able to view, but not download, the videos via a password protected website. Information for accessing the videos is included in your Tookit purchase.
    • Once you buy it, back it up - We're not responsible for any loss of the Resilience Toolkit due to hardware or computer failure on your end.


    Please review our complete Individual Training Package Terms of Use here.

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