What is the Resilience Toolkit?

The Resilience Toolkit gives you opportunities to learn and practice relationship-based therapeutic techniques for working with young children experiencing stress and trauma. The Toolkit includes 

  • Access to five 5-7 minute videos.

  • A downloadable PDF guide that walks you through the techniques and how to use them.  


You can use the Resilience Toolkit on your own or bring it to your organization for a group training. Keep scrolling to learn more about the individual learner and group training packages. 

The Resilience Toolkit was developed by Tracy Schreifels, MS, LMFT, IMH-E (III), and Sara Langworthy, PhD.

Individual Learner Package: $15

​This package includes

  • Access to videos that show examples of how to help children cope with challenging behaviors like acting out, shutting down, and defiance. 

  • A 10-page downloadable PDF that covers the basics of trauma and resilience along with a deep dive on practical strategies, what to say, and how to diffuse difficult situations when you encounter children's challenging behaviors.

This package is meant for individual use and is not for broader distribution. If you'd like to use these techniques with a larger group or in a training, see the Group Training Packages below that include discussion questions and role play scenarios.

Group Training Packages: $150 to $1000

Meant for group trainings, or for institutional purchases, the group training packages include additional discussion questions and role play scenarios to further enhance learning.

These packages include

  • Access to view and download videos that show examples of how to help children cope with challenging behaviors like acting out, shutting down, and defiance. 

  • A 17-page downloadable PDF that covers the basics of trauma and resilience along with a deep dive on practical strategies, discussion questions, and example role play scenarios you can try out yourself.

The Group Packages also make it possible for you to make copies and distribute the Resilience Toolkit to your attendees.

How can you use the

Resilience Toolkit in a training?

Watch one of the Toolkit Videos!

Interested, but not quite convinced? Watch this Toolkit video on how to work with children's challenging Acting Out behaviors. 

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We provide trainings for providers on relationship-based strategies for challenging behaviors, effects of trauma and stress, and building resilience in early childhood. 

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Meet Tracy and Sara


Tracy Schreifels, MS, LMFT, IMH-E (III) is an Infant Mental Health Specialist who provides training, consultation, and therapy. She works with Head Start and Early Head Start agencies as well as public and private preschools. Prior to her work in mental health, Tracy taught as a preschool teacher for 8 years and has had experience working in a day treatment program for preschool children with significant mental health disorders. Tracy provides in-home family therapy, classroom support for children identified with challenging behaviors as well as reflective consultation and therapeutic parent education groups. Tracy serves as co-chair of the board for the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health-Infant and Early Childhood Division. She also teaches online for the Center for Early Education and Development at the University of Minnesota, is an adjunct professor at St Cloud State University, and provides trainings around the Midwest. She is passionate about sharing her background knowledge in challenging behaviors and early childhood development with caregivers of young children.

Sara Langworthy, PhD, is an author, consultant, speaker and YouTuber. Her award-winning book, Bridging the Relationship Gap, addresses how educators can build resilience with children who experience stress and adversity in early life. She is a dynamic speaker who enjoys talking about the science of child development, both in-person and on her YouTube channel. Sara is also an organizational advancement consultant and founding partner of The Exchange Loop, and co-host of the podcast AcademiGig where she discusses the transition from a life in academia to owning her own business.

Sara Langworthy

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